Perception Psychotherapy

The Services I Offer

Below is an idea of how I work and the services I provide

What Perception Psychotherapy can offer

As an Integrative Psychotherapist I am trained to use a range of different theories and therapeutic approaches to help you feel more connected to your true self and the world around you.

We are all different and so for me it makes sense that we need different approaches in therapy to be able to connect, relate and work together in the most effective way.

This approach to working together can help with anxiety, anger issues, stress, loss and addiction.

It can also help to explore and make sense of feelings of being stuck, repetitive behavioural patterns, consistent low mood and different functioning such as OCD, ASD, ADD, ADHD and ODD.

I myself am Asperger’s and specialise in working with families and young people that are living with and making sense of what can be a very challenging and different world.

Summary of different approaches used within Perception Psychotherapy:


‐ Talking therapy, helping to find the root of the problem and to help in processing blocked feelings.

Solution focused Therapy

‐ Exploring the problem looking for resolution and steps to achieve this. Focus on present and future rather than past.

Behavioural Therapy

‐ Strategies to help to recognise and adapt negative behavioural patterns


‐ Helping to remain present and having an awareness of thinking patterns and responses helping to find an inner sense of calm.

Creative Approach

‐ Use of art or drama, drawing, mapping, dream analysis.

Humanistic Therapy

‐ Focus on self- development, growth and responsibilities to help with recognition of strengths, creativity and choice in the here and now.

Family/Systemic Therapy

‐ helping family to understand each other better, change negative behaviours and resolve conflict.